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Where Do I Start? Bible Reading Guides for the New Year


The end of the year is a time to reflect and set goals for the new year ahead. If one of your resolutions is to grow in your faith, regular Bible reading is a great place to start. Check out this list of Bible reading plans produced by The Crossing. Each guide will help you observe, interpret, and apply the Bible to your life.

We recommend printing the guides to write your answers to questions.

Need pointers on how to read your Bible? Check out these tips!


Guided Bible Reading Plans from The Crossing:


The book of Ruth explores questions like: How does God show his presence in ordinary life? What is God’s love really like? How is that love expressed by ordinary people? By the end of this study, you’ll learn to see God’s loving presence more clearly in your life.

Length: 4 weeks

The Lord’s Prayer

Why did Jesus give us The Lord’s Prayer? He wanted to make us become like him. With this prayer, Jesus invites us into his calling, to participate in his mission, to become apprentices to his father, to honor the family name, to submit to his purposes, to build his kingdom, and to change our world through radical forgiveness.

Length: 6 weeks

Wondering what it looks like to pray The Lord’s Prayer in your daily life? Dave Cover shares how to meditate on this prayer in this podcast episode of A Bigger Life.

1 Peter

Ever wonder how to live a life that’s faithful to God when the world around you is so broken and hostile to Christianity? Peter looked at Jesus and saw a remarkable answer: living faithfull doesn’t mean retreating from the world or conforming to it. Instead, Jesus wants us to pattern our lives after his life.

What if we, like Jesus, enter into the unbearable tension and engage our present time with suffering and sacrificial love? This study through 1 Peter shows you how.

Length: 6 weeks


The apostle Paul knew that the watching world would never believe Jesus’s claims apart from a community unified by love. Paul wrote his letters to the Romans to bring this unity, calling the church to be one sin-forgiven family under King Jesus. This is the salve necessary not only to heal human division, but to heal a world oppressed by sin. Learn more about God’s vision for his church in this study of Romans.

Length: 7 weeks


The Gospel of Mark challenges you to think more deeply about life and death, good and evil, triumph and failure. Above all, it confronts you with the paradoxical reality of God’s rule: it is real, it is powerful, it conquers all. And yet, it is an upside-down image of every kingdom, every government, and every form of authority we have ever known.  

God’s rule serves, it heals, it transforms. The world is about to change, but not in the way you expect.

Length: 12 weeks

Interested in even more on the Gospel of Mark? Check out this twelve-day email devotional for a quick but in-depth overview of the whole book.


Devotional Workbooks from The Crossing:

In 2022, The Crossing began producing devotional workbooks to accompany our Sunday sermon series. With these workbooks, you'll spend six days studying the Bible before listening to a sermon on the passage you've been reading. 

Ephesians: Becoming Who You Are

Length: 12 weeks

Daniel: Life in Exile

Length: 10 weeks

Esther: Life in the Gray

Length: 5 weeks

Jonah: Chased By Grace

Length: 4 weeks

Acts (1-12): Belonging to a Mission

Length: 13 weeks

Luke (1-2): Unreasonable Hospitality

Length: 5 weeks

Luke (3-9): Unreasonable Hospitality

Length: 13 weeks

Looking for more ideas on how to connect with God more deeply in the new year? Ten Minute Bible Talks has you covered!

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