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Introducing With You in the Weeds: A Podcast to Help You Grow (While Managing the Weeds of Life)


Chances are you know someone who needs counseling.

Could that person be you? 

We all have issues in our lives that we haven’t dealt with. You have unwanted thoughts and feelings that don’t seem to go away no matter how hard you try to get rid of them. At times, you feel anxious and depressed. You are stuck in habits and patterns that are hurtful to your soul and relationships. 

As the weeds of life keep creeping in, you’re tempted to find a quick fix. Social media therapists offer daily tips, checklists, quotes, and mantras: “Honor yourself.” “Say yes to anything that brings you happiness.” “You can manifest your own destiny.”

But the deeper you look inside, the more hopeless you feel.

Try Harder? 

And what about your coping strategies? Are they working for you? 

You might get busy by doubling down on your efforts to read the Bible, signing up for another service project, scheduling your next vacation, and doing your best to keep on top of work deadlines, relationships, parenting, and being a “good Christian”.

Sometimes you escape distressing feelings by numbing yourself with anything that brings temporary relief.

You’re hesitant to face your inner battles. Looking at yourself in a mirror requires vulnerability that may not come naturally to you. Plus, you’ve been holding it together for a long time without anyone’s help. So why open doors in your heart that you’ve successfully kept shut for years?

No doubt you long for healing and hope for change, but it’s difficult to find a trusted voice to speak knowledgeably and biblically into your most pressing concerns.

You want to love others better, love Jesus more, and deal with the stressors of life in healthy ways… but you have no idea where to start. 

Be a Fly on the Wall

That’s why we created a new podcast: With You in the Weeds. We are a team of therapists and pastors who are routinely “in the weeds” with people to help them address the hardships, messes, and difficulties of life.

And, we are passionate about using a biblical map of the human heart as a guide, while applying the latest brain research, knowledge of our complex nervous system, and understanding of the profound neural impact of relationships on psychological development.

This podcast lets you be a fly on the wall, hearing directly from professional Christian counselors and pastors without stepping into a counselor's office. Instead, you’ll listen from the safety and comfort of your own home or commute to work as we share personal stories and offer wise, clinically informed, biblically grounded insights.

You Don’t Have to Stay Stuck

Most of us did not have good models of communication, emotional awareness, conflict resolution, healthy boundaries or were given the tools needed to deal with distressing emotions such as anxiety, disappointment, guilt, sadness, or grief. Yet living in a fallen world means that we will encounter various forms of suffering, broken relationships, loss, and disordered desires that require wisdom to navigate.

The good news is, as painful as the weeds of life can be, they do not have to prevent you from growing. You can learn how to wisely navigate life and even grow spiritually when things feel hard. You don’t have to stay stuck.

With You in the Weeds is not:

“Memorize a Bible verse and you won’t struggle with anxiety anymore.”


“Self-Empowerment through Self-Help.”

With You in the Weeds is:

A resource to help bridge the “head-heart” gap between what you know to be true as a Christian and what you actually experience in real life.

As you listen to these honest conversations between therapists and pastors who intentionally and thoughtfully integrate a Christian worldview with a sound psychological framework, you will feel normalized in your struggles. 

You will also learn practical application steps to address the spiritual, emotional, mental, and relational roots of the issues you struggle with—including Managing Your Emotions, Managing Your Relationships, marriage, parenting, spiritual growth, and more.

One of our listeners wrote: 

“I love how this podcast helps harmonize therapeutic research and gospel-centered truth. Not only have I been helped by each episode, but I’m also sharing it with others who care for people in our church. I feel like I’m personally growing each week as I listen.” 

Our ultimate hope comes from knowing that God sent Jesus to be with us in the weeds of life. Will you let us be in the weeds with you? 

The With You in the Weeds team consists of John Tinnin, M.Div MFT, Lynn Roush, LPC, Shay Roush, M.Div and Austin Conner, M.Div, CIT— who provide professional Christian counseling at The Crossing in Columbia, MO.

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