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Wondering how to connect more deeply with God this year? 

Extend your Sunday morning worship throughout the week!
cover of new Ephesians workbook

This devotional workbook acts as a companion to Becoming Who You Are, The Crossing’s new sermon series through Ephesians.

Monday through Saturday, you’ll read through a portion of Ephesians and practice meditating on God’s word, prayerfully inviting him to work in your heart. The week will end on in church on Sundays with a sermon about the passage you’ve been studying, building on what God has already been doing in your heart that week.

In this 12-week devotional workbook, you can expect to find:
  • Background information for understanding the historical and cultural context
  • Prompts for reading and reflecting on Paul’s letter to the Ephesians
  • Guided prayers to help you process what you’re learning in conversation with God
  • A weekly QR code linking to a playlist with the upcoming worship set
  • Space to take notes during each Sunday’s sermon

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