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A Simple Guide to Walk with God Into 2024


It’s time to turn your eyes (and calendars) to a new year. Don’t let another year come and go without reflecting on all that God has done! A new year is a great opportunity to stop and examine your life, assessing where you are now to get a good sense of where you want to be.

God came into this world—he put on flesh!—not only to save you, but to know you. And he invites you to walk with him into 2024 because he loves you deeply.

So grab your journal or head out for a walk. Our hope is that you would use these questions to stimulate your reflection. They are suggestive rather than exhaustive, so don’t feel like you need to do all of them at once! May this guide help you to see Jesus more and more this year.

1. How has Jesus provided for you?

2023 belongs to Jesus, and he has kept you—providing for and sustaining you—from January 1 until now. Remember the year that has past and thank God for the various ways he has provided for you—in the big, hard circumstance and in the tiny moments of trial.

2. What guilt or unconfessed sin from the past year is burdening you?

What sin patterns in your life has God been revealing to you? Confess your sin to God, and admit to him that you need him, his grace, and his forgiveness.

3. Are there any hurts, fears, burdens, or worries from the past year that you are carrying on your own shoulders?

Write them down, give them over to God, and ask him for help and practical wisdom.

4. What bitterness, worry, or cynicism are you carrying?

When we don’t forgive or accept the limitations of a person or circumstances, we are the ones who suffer the most. Ask God to give you humility, help you to give up bitterness, revenge, or a gossiping heart or mouth.

5. What things of the world are you cherishing too much?

What things are keeping you from God and walking closely with him? What habits might need to change?

6. How is your devotion to God's word?

How can you form, or continue to form, a habit to read God’s word regularly? Is there a book of the Bible or biblical doctrine you’d like to really learn this year? What’s your plan for the next few months?

7. How can you let God's loves and priorities shape your loves and priorities in the next year?

Jesus tells us not to worry about the future but to “seek first the kingdom of God” (Matthew 6:28-34). When we prioritize God’s priorities, we’ll find centeredness and blessing in our own lives. Consider the ways God calls you to live out your life in him. Think about the things God cares most about.

Use these to create a list of “kingdom goals” for 2024—what do you want to love and prioritize in 2024? What needs to happen for you to get there? In what areas do you need God’s help? Ask him—he delights in answering prayer!

Let God walk with you amidst your doubts, fears, stress, and circumstances of 2024—he deeply loves you. May he grant you wisdom, grace, and peace as you do so.

The best thing you can do to walk with God more in 2024 is to get to know him better.

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