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10 Things to Do in (and Around) Columbia, Missouri at Christmas

By Molly Cover
Posted On Nov 22, 2023
Looking for ways to celebrate Christmas this year? Check out this list of favorite Christmas things to do in and around Columbia, Missouri this season.

Your Biggest Obstacle to Gratitude

By Noelle Richter
Posted On Nov 16, 2023
Discover how expectations can hinder gratitude and learn three practical ways to cultivate thankfulness in your life. Break the cycle of complaining and embrace a heart of gratitude.

Into the Deepest Rest: How Prayer Helps You Process Your Emotions

By Lynn Roush, LPC
Posted On Nov 09, 2023
Discover the transformative power of prayer in processing your emotions and finding deep rest. Learn how to dive deep and experience communion with God.

What to Expect at the Magic Tree in 2023

By Julie Sexten
Posted On Nov 02, 2023
If you live in Columbia, Missouri, the Magic Tree is a great thing to visit at Christmas! Here's what you can expect in 2023.

Surprising Times to Pray (According to the Bible)

By Colleen Luley
Posted On Oct 31, 2023
Discover surprising times to pray according to the Bible. Explore how prayer can be a raw and honest conversation with God, even in times of anger, doubt, and suffering.

How to Have a Prayer Meeting

By Addison Hawkins
Posted On Oct 26, 2023
Don't be intimidated! Hosting a prayer meeting is easier than you think. Crossing pastor Addison Hawkins shares how.