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Bless This Mess: God’s Surprising Plan for Your Brokenness

By Jensen Holt McNair
Posted On May 05, 2022
Are you disqualified from the work of God because of the sin in your life? Read about how God has a plan to use you despite your imperfections.

Between Two Identities: Lingering in Lament

By Lynn Roush, LPC
Posted On May 03, 2022
Being stuck in the process of identity formation comes with suffering and trials, but the result is a deeper and more solid faith in God.

Trusting God’s Timing (Even When Life Feels Out of Control)

By Alex Gray
Posted On Apr 28, 2022
Do you ever struggle to make sense of God's timing in your life? The story of Esther helps to remind us that God's timing is always perfect, even when it feels hard.

Top 10 Going There Podcast Episodes

By Ragan Taylor
Posted On Apr 26, 2022
Check out the top ten episodes of Going There, a podcast for Christian woman that explores how to be faithful to Jesus in the messiness of real life.

Why The Crossing is Partnering with Woke Bridge

By Patrick Miller
Posted On Apr 20, 2022
The Crossing is partnering with Woke Bridge, a multi-ethnic church in Ferguson, Missouri. Learn about why and how to support their unique mission.

Between Two Identities: Finding What You’re Searching For

By Lynn Roush, LPC
Posted On Apr 19, 2022
What are you searching for? Lynn Roush continues her blog series on identity by examining the search we are on for secure attachment as we grow.