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What the Bible Does to You

By Keith Simon
Posted On Jan 26, 2023
Christians shouldn’t read the Bible primarily for information but transformation. God is after more than your mind. He’s after your whole life.

The Best Books I Read in 2022

By Keith Simon
Posted On Dec 08, 2022
Every year Keith Simon's book recommendation list gets longer! Check out what he read in 2022 and why you should read it too!

Why We Wrote a Book: Our Heart behind "Truth Over Tribe"

By Keith Simon
Posted On Oct 03, 2022
Read about why Crossing pastors Keith Simon and Patrick Miller want to share the story of The Crossing in their upcoming book.

Does God Speak Through Dreams? How to Listen When God is Talking

By Keith Simon
Posted On Sep 22, 2022
God spoke through dreams in the Bible, is he still speaking today? Find out how God is speaking to you and how you can learn to listen.

The Best Hour of Your Week: What I’ve Learned from Serving in Crossing Kids

By Keith Simon
Posted On Aug 04, 2022
How influential is a Sunday school teacher? You might be surprised to know what a big difference serving just one hour each week can make in the life of a child.

The Crossing’s Mid-Year Update, 2022

By Keith Simon
Posted On Jul 28, 2022
God has been at work at The Crossing this year! Read about what has happened so far and what exciting opportunities you can expect this fall.