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Six Ways to Lose Friends and Repel People

By Patrick Miller
Posted On Apr 11, 2024
Have your friendships gotten too deep? Patrick Miller shares some simple ways to blow it all up and free your schedule from the shackles of friendship.

All Christians are Homeless Christians

By Patrick Miller
Posted On Mar 31, 2024
Explore the biblical theme of homelessness and homecoming, reflecting on God's provision and the promise of finding a home in eternity.

Easter: What it Means and Why it Matters

By Patrick Miller
Posted On Mar 21, 2024
Read why Easter brings hope and new life in the face of death.

Train in Godliness: A Spiritual Fitness Plan for 2024

By Patrick Miller
Posted On Jan 25, 2024
Take time in the new year to assess your spiritual fitness, and then make a plan. Patrick Miller shares how to grow in your walk with Jesus in 2024.

Introducing the 2024 TMBT Bible Reading Plan

By Patrick Miller
Posted On Jan 04, 2024
Discover the significance of the Writings of the Old Testament, and join TMBT as they teach through them in 2024.

Pray Like the Disciples: What You Might Be Missing (According to Acts)

By Patrick Miller
Posted On Sep 21, 2023
Embrace the gift of Christ-centered, Christ-empowered order by committing to regular, guided prayer.