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Four Biblical Ways to Bring the Power of Music into a Church’s Worship Service

By Dave Cover
Posted On Apr 20, 2023
Read why music has the ability to help us experience God's presence during a worship service.

More Human, Less Animal: How Self-Sacrificial Love Changes Your Life

By Patrick Miller
Posted On Apr 13, 2023
Read why practicing sacrifice and humility helps us become more of who God created us to be.

Why We Can’t Say No to Foster Care

By Patrick Miller
Posted On Apr 09, 2023
Learn how The Crossing can be a church that reflects the love of Jesus to foster children and foster families in our community.

Art of the Crucifixion

By Ryan Wampler
Posted On Apr 06, 2023
See how artists over several centuries have used their perspective to highlight different aspects of the crucifixion.

Easter and a Better World: How the Resurrection Impacts Christians Today

By Keith Simon
Posted On Mar 26, 2023
Learn how Jesus's resurrection transforms the way you live in order to transform the world around you.

How to Prepare for Easter

By Anna Lynne Frazier
Posted On Mar 23, 2023
Easter provides a special opportunity to worship Jesus more fully than you might otherwise. Here are some meaningful ways to celebrate.