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Why “Do What Makes You Happy” is Bad Advice

By Kyle Richter
Posted On Aug 25, 2022
Doing what you love seems like the fast path to happiness, but what will bring true and lasting joy? The answer might surprise you.

Serving Always Involves Sacrifice… So Why Do It?

By Nathan Tiemeyer
Posted On Aug 18, 2022
Serving anywhere requires sacrifice, but God still calls us to do it. Find out why serving is worth it, even when it means giving up things you love.

Lessons From the Dung Gate: Finding Your Place in God’s Story

By Patrick Miller
Posted On Aug 11, 2022
Being a part of the kingdom of God means serving those around us. How can you take the next step to serve and find your place in God's story this fall?

The Best Hour of Your Week: What I’ve Learned from Serving in Crossing Kids

By Keith Simon
Posted On Aug 04, 2022
How influential is a Sunday school teacher? You might be surprised to know what a big difference serving just one hour each week can make in the life of a child.

Off the Bench and Into the Game: Don’t Miss How God’s Working

By Ryan Wampler
Posted On Aug 02, 2022
As you plan for the fall, take a look at the opportunities God is providing for you to step out of isolation and into community.