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The Good Life: When Harvard Agrees with God

By Keith Simon
Posted On Jul 27, 2023
What happens when you accomplish your goals and are still unhappy? See why the proven key to happiness lines up with what the Bible teaches.

5 Unique Ways to Spend Time with Jesus

By Samantha Miller
Posted On Jul 20, 2023
Your time with Jesus doesn't have to look the same every day or even every week. Here are five ways to change up your routine and connect with God.

One Question Every Christian Parent Needs to Answer

By Rachel Tiemeyer
Posted On Jul 13, 2023
What is our ultimate goal as Christian parents? God wants us to teach our children to know and love him. Check out these practical steps for how to do so.

3 Directions to Help You Navigate the Spiritual Desert

By Jeff Parrett
Posted On Jul 06, 2023
Going through a dry spell in your spiritual life? Crossing pastor Jeff Parrett shares three ways to help you through.