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What is Prayer and Why Do We Do It?

By Nathan Tiemeyer
Posted On Oct 05, 2023
Learn what the Bible teachers about prayer and how to make it a part of your daily life.

“The Truth Will Set You Free”: How to Love Like Jesus

By Nathan Tiemeyer
Posted On Jan 19, 2023
If you want to love like Jesus loves, you have to know the truth he teaches and how to apply it to your daily life.

Serving Always Involves Sacrifice… So Why Do It?

By Nathan Tiemeyer
Posted On Aug 18, 2022
Serving anywhere requires sacrifice, but God still calls us to do it. Find out why serving is worth it, even when it means giving up things you love.
Cover of One Good Question series with an open bible in the background

Does Evil Prove that God Isn’t There or Doesn’t Care?

By Nathan Tiemeyer
Posted On Jun 17, 2021
It isn't hard to see the evil in our world and the way it effects our lives. That can leave us with one good question: where is God?

Why You Can’t Outgrow the Easter Story

By Nathan Tiemeyer
Posted On Mar 28, 2021
Easter should never be old news to us. Celebrating it is always an opportunity for God to remind us of truths that we can’t live without.

7 Tips for Praying with Your Kids at Bedtime

By Nathan Tiemeyer
Posted On Jun 25, 2020
We probably all agree it’s a good idea, at least in theory, to pray with our kids at bedtime. But sometimes it can be hard to do. These tips should help!