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The Best Hour of Your Week: What I’ve Learned from Serving in Crossing Kids


Family Feud is one of those classic game shows that transcends generations. When I was a kid, my mom and I watched the original hosted by Richard Dawson. He’d start each show by saying, “Let’s Play The Feud!”

Indulge me for a moment and pretend you’re a contestant.

Host: “100 people surveyed. Top 5 answers are on the board. Here’s the question: Who do Christians say was the most influential person in their faith?”

You hit the buzzer, and the host turns to you. What’s your answer? Now the most popular answer is obvious: Parents. Mom and Dad are the most influential people in a child’s faith journey.

But what’s the second most popular answer?

A small group leader? A camp counselor? A friend who walked with you through a difficult season of life? No. No. No. Those are good answers but fall far behind the first two.

The most influential person in people’s faith, second only to parents, is their Sunday School teacher. Those faithful souls who—in all their weakness—show up to lead a classroom of kids.

They may be tired because they stayed out too late on Saturday night, and they may wonder if they are making a difference. But those are the people God uses to shape the faith of the next generation.

This summer, I’ve been serving in Crossing Kids during the first service. I’ve met some amazing volunteers. I’m impressed by how many of them know the kids’ names. You can tell they’ve been with that group for a while. Or maybe they pray for the kids by name throughout the week? I’m not sure how they learn the names, but it’s obvious that talking to “Johnny” or “Susie” instead of “the kid wearing the yellow shirt” makes a difference.

Anyone can dump content. But when you talk to individuals, relationships are formed. Kids become people instead of projects.

And the kids are fun people to get to know!

I’ve been surprised by how open they are. Kids talk with me like we are on the playground together. No walls. No filter. No pretense. There are a couple 2nd-grade girls who might know the Bible better than I do. Even the fidgety boys know the point of the Bible story. If you’re looking for everyone to sit still, I’ll pray for you. But if you are praying that kids love Jesus, the hour you spend on Sunday mornings might be the best hour of your week.

These kids grow up to raise families, hold down jobs, and lead churches. One day they will be sharing a meal with a group of friends, and someone will ask, “Who was the most influential person in your faith?” They might not remember your name, but can you imagine anything more satisfying than one of these kids recalling the difference you made in their life?

“I remember a teacher in my church who made class fun” or “took an interest in my life” or “taught me the Bible” or “took my questions seriously.”

What can compare to shaping a kid’s faith? Sleeping in? An extra hour to yourself? Freedom from commitment? Those reasons are like placing a candle next to the sun. Everything pales when placed next to a child’s eternal destiny.

Jesus says children hold a special place in his heart. When you serve in Crossing Kids on Sunday morning, you see the heart of Jesus in the hallways.

Thinking about making a difference in the life of a child at The Crossing? Sign up to serve in Crossing Kids today. You won't regret it.