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What Is Communion and Why Do We Do It?

By Kyle Richter
Posted On Jun 08, 2023
The simple answer is: communion is a sacrament that we do because Jesus commands us to. But there's also more to it than that.

Why “Do What Makes You Happy” is Bad Advice

By Kyle Richter
Posted On Aug 25, 2022
Doing what you love seems like the fast path to happiness, but what will bring true and lasting joy? The answer might surprise you.

What Happened on Good Friday? A Timeline of Jesus's Last Day

By Kyle Richter
Posted On Apr 07, 2022
Take a closer look at Jesus's last day with this timeline of Good Friday. Experience the tragedy of his death along with the miracle of his resurrection.

Learning to Treasure Jesus in a Distracted World

By Kyle Richter
Posted On Jul 22, 2021
In a world full of distractions, how can we take time to slow down and learn to treasure Jesus and our relationship with him?

Why (and How) to Pray for Our New Leaders

By Kyle Richter
Posted On Jan 19, 2021
We might be surprised a particular candidate won or lost, but God isn’t. We are called to pray for the leaders that God has appointed.