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Coping with COVID: How To Show Love To Others in 2020

By Colleen Luley
Posted On Sep 29, 2020
The pandemic has been hard. And we’re all exhausted from constantly wondering: When will this end? But we don't have to go through it alone.

Church: Essential or Non-Essential?

By Colleen Luley
Posted On Sep 21, 2020
With the pandemic, society argues whether church is “essential” or “non-essential.” What about you? How important is Sunday morning church?

How To Discipline Your Kids (Because Obedience is a Big Deal!)

By Colleen Luley
Posted On Sep 14, 2020
Discipline is a vital part of discipling our kids to know and love Jesus. Here are four patterns from the Bible to help us do so well.

Setting Goals in an Unexpected School Year

By Jess Soete
Posted On Aug 27, 2020
To say this school year is overwhelming is an understatement. Let's help our kids get excited about the year with some new goals.

A Parent’s Guide to Christian Screen Time

By Jess Soete
Posted On Jul 16, 2020
My kids love screen time. I love talking to them about the Bible. Here are some suggestions for Christian parents on how to use screen time well.

3 Ways to Make the Most of Your Preschooler’s Screen Time

By Kristin Jeffries
Posted On Jun 28, 2020
As a working mom, I rarely have the time to watch a tv show with my child. But I can still connect with him about his screen time! Here are 3 tips on how.