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Why I Struggle to Get My Kids to Church

By Patrick Miller
Posted On Sep 07, 2021
Getting your kids to church on Sunday morning? The struggle is real! Patrick Miller shares the importance of getting your family to church even when it feels like an uphill battle.

8 Strategies for Memorizing Scripture with Your Kids

By Emily Pilkington
Posted On May 11, 2021
Scripture memorization doesn't always feel immediately meaningful, but knowing God's word can have a lifelong impact.

Easter Basket Ideas that Last Longer than Candy

By Emily Pilkington
Posted On Mar 15, 2021
We all love chocolate bunnies and jellybeans. But consider adding something to your kids' Easter baskets with a more eternal impact too!

How To Love Others When You Don’t Feel Like It

By Austin Conner
Posted On Mar 10, 2021
In relationships, we don't have to wait for our needs to be met first. Giving what we want to get is a way to love God and love others.

3 Conversation-Starters for Your Family about Pixar’s Soul

By Emily Pilkington
Posted On Jan 13, 2021
Pixar's Soul raises tough questions about life, death, and self. Here are some questions and biblical answers for your family to discuss.

The Best Albums I Heard in 2020

By David A. Cover
Posted On Dec 08, 2020
What music has gotten you through 2020? Are you looking for some new albums for yourself or for Christmas gifts? Check out David Cover's best albums of 2020.