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3 Conversation-Starters for Your Family about Pixar’s Soul

By Emily Pilkington
Posted On Jan 13, 2021
Pixar's Soul raises tough questions about life, death, and self. Here are some questions and biblical answers for your family to discuss.

The Best Albums I Heard in 2020

By David A. Cover
Posted On Dec 08, 2020
What music has gotten you through 2020? Are you looking for some new albums for yourself or for Christmas gifts? Check out David Cover's best albums of 2020.

Has Consumerism Taken Over Christmas?

By Patrick Miller
Posted On Nov 26, 2020
Has consumerism taken over Christmas? Surely this can’t be all that the holiday means anymore! Here are some ideas for what we can do about it

8 Reasons Why You Can’t Miss This Online Christmas Experience

By Rebecca Milner
Posted On Nov 26, 2020
Christmas isn't canceled this year! Here's why you can’t miss Light in the Night: An Online Christmas experience.

How to Celebrate Advent: 3 Practical Tips for Your Family

By Emily Pilkington
Posted On Nov 05, 2020
Holiday seasons can be daunting for parents. We often feel pressure to provide memorable experiences that bring family members together.

Virtual School Woes: Focusing Our Hope on God, Not Circumstances

By Elizabeth McKinney
Posted On Oct 05, 2020
It makes sense to feel angry about the losses around virtual school this fall. Fortunately, our hope is in God, not our circumstances.