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“Did God Forget About Me?”: How to Cope with Disappointment

By Colleen Luley
Posted On May 27, 2021
Disappointment in this life is guaranteed. But God guarantees good things too. Find out how these can help us respond to hard things well.

Why You Aren’t Experiencing God (And How to Fix It)

By Keith Simon
Posted On May 13, 2021
Are you wondering why you aren't experiencing God? Keith Simon shares five reasons why and one simple step to shift your mindset.

8 Strategies for Memorizing Scripture with Your Kids

By Emily Pilkington
Posted On May 11, 2021
Scripture memorization doesn't always feel immediately meaningful, but knowing God's word can have a lifelong impact.

Why Jesus Prayed (And Why You Can Too)

By Dave Cover
Posted On May 09, 2021
In scripture we often see Jesus withdrawing from crowds to be alone with God in prayer. What can we learn from this unique practice?

Lectio Divina? How Slowing Down Speeds Up Your Journey to Experiencing God

By Anna Lynne Frazier
Posted On May 06, 2021
The spiritual discipline of slowing is not in. But Lectio Divina just might be the thing that gets you more out of Bible reading and prayer.

Is The Crossing Too Political?

By Patrick Miller
Posted On Apr 28, 2021
Jesus is king over everything in this world. So what should Christians and churches do when everything in this world becomes political?