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Four Biblical Ways to Bring the Power of Music into a Church’s Worship Service

By Dave Cover
Posted On Apr 20, 2023
Read why music has the ability to help us experience God's presence during a worship service.
surviving-baby long-what-our-culture-desperately-needs

Surviving Babylon: What Our Culture Desperately Needs

By Dave Cover
Posted On Nov 03, 2022
In a culture that feels more divided than ever, read about how can Christians thoughtfully engage with political issues with kindness and respect.
figure falling from the sky

The Danger of Gluttony: How Over-Consumption Leaves You Bloated and Empty

By Dave Cover
Posted On Jun 24, 2021
Food and drink are good gifts from God. But when consumption becomes gluttony you're left bloated and empty, instead of satisfied.

Forgetting to Remember: Are You Making this Faith-shaking Mistake?

By Dave Cover
Posted On May 20, 2021
Jesus warns not to make the mistake of getting so focused on the smaller story that you forget to remember the bigger story that matters most.

Why Jesus Prayed (And Why You Can Too)

By Dave Cover
Posted On May 09, 2021
In scripture we often see Jesus withdrawing from crowds to be alone with God in prayer. What can we learn from this unique practice?

Top 10 Episodes of A Bigger Life

By Dave Cover
Posted On Apr 08, 2021
Listen to these top 10 Episodes of A Bigger Life to begin learning how to have deeper, more intimate conversations with God through the Bible.