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Talk is Not Cheap

By Shay Roush
Posted On Oct 26, 2021
In a world where the loudest voice seems to win, how can Christians be counter-cultural in the ways they speak to and about one another?
woman climbing big stairs while a man climbs past her on easier stairs

What the Church Must Stop Doing to Women

By Keith Simon
Posted On Aug 05, 2021
When the roles of women in the church are influenced more by culture than what the Bible says, the way Jesus views women might surprise you.
Cover of One Good Question series with an open bible in the background

Does Evil Prove that God Isn’t There or Doesn’t Care?

By Nathan Tiemeyer
Posted On Jun 17, 2021
It isn't hard to see the evil in our world and the way it effects our lives. That can leave us with one good question: where is God?

Is The Crossing Too Political?

By Patrick Miller
Posted On Apr 28, 2021
Jesus is king over everything in this world. So what should Christians and churches do when everything in this world becomes political?

“In This House, We Believe:” What Your Neighbor’s Yard Sign Gets Right (and Wrong)

By Keith Simon
Posted On Apr 06, 2021
Some yard signs read more like religious creeds than political advocacy. But do you realize how dependent these beliefs are on the Bible?

A Response to “Roses and Racism”: Recent Controversy around The Bachelor

By Patrick Miller
Posted On Mar 04, 2021
One reader responded to a recent post about The Bachelor about the recent racial controversy. See her dialogue with the author here.