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Talk is Not Cheap

By Shay Roush
Posted On Oct 26, 2021
In a world where the loudest voice seems to win, how can Christians be counter-cultural in the ways they speak to and about one another?

Why a Funeral is the Best Preacher

By Shay Roush
Posted On Jul 15, 2021
Death is a certainty, but the book of Ecclesiastes encourages us to think about our own death and how we should live in light of it.

Got Friends? Probably Not.

By Shay Roush
Posted On Oct 15, 2020
Do you have a close group of friends? Many men face obstacles to developing deep friendships, but we need friends for our faith to flourish.
man holding head in worry

Learning How To Suffer Well: “Have You Considered Job?”

By Shay Roush
Posted On Aug 31, 2020
The Book of Job doesn't answer our questions about why God allows suffering. But it does show us how to suffer well, which is what we need.