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Roses and Racism: What The Bachelor Reveals About Cancel Culture

By Patrick Miller
Posted On Mar 01, 2021
How should Christians respond to the recent Bachelor Controversy involving a contestant's photos at an "Old South" party?

How to Actively Engage with What You’re Watching

By Joseph Honescko
Posted On Feb 07, 2021
Digital media has changed the way we consume stories. Redeeming the way we consume requires us to pay attention to the stories that shape us.

How Challenging Art Teaches You to Love Your Neighbor

By Joseph Honescko
Posted On Feb 07, 2021
Listening is underrated in the modern era. But challenging art gives us the opportunity to practice listening to and understanding others.

Why I Didn’t Watch The Queen’s Gambit (and You Don’t Have to Either)

By Joseph Honescko
Posted On Feb 07, 2021
In a culture of media that demands immediate attention, building a resistance to constant consumption can benefit your heart and your mind.

“Here I Am to Worship”: The Secret Behind the Super Bowl

By Matt Gordon
Posted On Feb 04, 2021
Despite COVID changing the way we celebrate, the Super Bowl is upon us and our nation will be gathering to watch and worship.

The Mysterious Benefit of Being In Person

By Ryan Wampler
Posted On Jan 25, 2021
We live in an irrevocably digital world. However, we miss something if our connections with other Christians are exclusively virtual.