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Introducing “Going There:” A Podcast for Women in Their 20s and 30s

cover image of Going There podcast with Christian Neuenswander and Samantha Miller

“If it’s not serving you, get it out of your life!”

“You are the CEO of your own life. You control it.” 

Sound familiar? If you’re on social media at all, you’re probably used to seeing similar sentiments flash across your screen. 

At this point, we’re all so used to seeing these phrases that we don’t think much of them. We consume these voices without stopping to consider if they align with what we believe.

And at face value, they might seem like great words of wisdom to set as our phone’s lock screens or to reshare on our Instagram stories. They’re full of the security and confidence that we all long for. 

But if we internalize these phrases and start accepting them as truth, we’ll start running into problems. What the world tells us is not the same as what the Bible has for us. 

Jesus commands Christians to live a different kind of life. 

At times, being obedient to Jesus will lead us to difficult or uncomfortable places. You’ll feel and experience things you won’t find on a coffee mug in Target. 

If you want to spend your life following Jesus, it’s more important than ever to think critically about the content coming your way. If not, that so-called wisdom will shape how we think about our lives more than Jesus does.

Wondering where to start? 

Keep reading to learn more about Going There, a new podcast from The Crossing designed to address the messiness of life that comes with your 20s and 30s. In it, we’ll seek to push back against the messages the world throws at us and help you hold those messages accountable to the Bible’s teachings.

The Danger in the Message

It’s time for Christian women to push back against the dangerous narrative the world is trying to write for us. To point out the flaws and harm that comes with living lives tailored to serve ourselves. 

Popular voices encourage us to create the life we want. And we secretly love it. The idea that we should “cut out” anything (or anyone) that makes life harder sounds great. Goodbye messy life, hello happiness! It’s empowering to get permission to do the very thing that we’re tempted to do anyway.

But just think about the implications of only looking out for yourself, cutting off anything and anybody that brings any frustration or discomfort. How long would your relationships with your husband, best friends, parents, children last? And what if you’re the annoying one? How long would it take for them to cut you out? 

A good as it sounds to “create the life you want,” in the end, the easy lives we think we want will leave us empty and alone.  

How do you resist the dangerous direction the world is taking us? It means reevaluating which voices you’re consuming and replacing them with conversations that push you to think in ways that look very different from the way culture is telling us to think and live. 

Maybe you’re following people who are prompting you to believe the gospel of self vs. the gospel of Jesus without even realizing it. Unfollow. What books, music, and shows are we worshiping instead of truth? Reassess. How much time are you reading the Bible vs. scrolling aimlessly on socials? Set some limits. 

Navigating life as a Christian woman is about more than just living out a cliché mantra. Jesus has bigger plans for you. 

Listen Now: Going There with Samantha and Christian

Are you wondering what it means to follow Jesus in our current cultural moment? Are you struggling to figure out what this looks like for you practically? You’re not alone! 

My friend Christian and I are asking these same questions and we want to bring you into the convo with us on our new podcast Going There

We explore what it looks like to reject a lifestyle that is centered around ourselves. Instead, opening ourselves up to what God really wants from us. 

These conversations will get raw and vulnerable about the messiness of life for in your 20s and 30s. We’ll be getting real about struggles in areas of friendship, marriage, motherhood, loving hard people, work life balance, and everything in between. 

We don’t have it all figured out, but we hope to challenge and encourage one another in how God is calling us to live in these areas. 

Each week, Going There tackles a new topic. We’ll share our own life experiences and struggles there. Then, we’ll through how to look to scripture for guidance. We’re also excited to share resources and advice from other women who are helping us navigate along the way. 

From the girl just dipping her toes into what it looks like to follow Jesus, to the mom feeling lonely and in need of life-giving conversation, Christian and I want to bring you into the living room with us and figure out this hard stage together. 

No topic is off limits. We believe that the Bible is our guide in areas that seem tricky and unknown. Going There is about living out this belief. We want to know Jesus better and help you do the same. 

To join in on all the fun, subscribe to Going There on Apple, Spotify, or wherever you get your podcasts.

Make sure to follow us on Instagram (@goingtherethepodcast) for updates on episodes as well as bonus content and fun giveaways!

So buckle up, and don’t be shy, because we’re going there!

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