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The Key to Thriving in Your 20s and 30s

By Samantha Miller
Posted On Feb 15, 2024
Your 20s are a huge season of transitions and milestones, and the core things we seek during this time never go away.

Where Did All My Friends Go?: 3 Tips for Finding (And Keeping) New Friends

By Samantha Miller
Posted On Aug 10, 2023
Take advantage of the gift of deep friendships as life gets busier. Here are some tips for making new friends at any stage of life.

5 Unique Ways to Spend Time with Jesus

By Samantha Miller
Posted On Jul 20, 2023
Your time with Jesus doesn't have to look the same every day or even every week. Here are five ways to change up your routine and connect with God.

Knowing God vs. Knowing About God (And How to Know Him Better)

By Samantha Miller
Posted On May 10, 2022
Do you know the Bible or do you just know what others have taught you about it? Change the way you read scripture and you'll know God in a whole new way.
cover image of Going There podcast with Christian Neuenswander and Samantha Miller

Introducing “Going There:” A Podcast for Women in Their 20s and 30s

By Samantha Miller
Posted On Jul 08, 2021
Going There: a podcast that encourages Christian women in their 20s and 30s to trade the culture's self-centered narrative for Biblical truth