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Why I’m (Sometimes) Embarrassed To Be a Christian

By Keith Simon
Posted On Jan 19, 2021
The first believers were called Christians because they imitated Christ, but modern Christians make the news for doing the opposite.

The Best Books I Read in 2020

By Keith Simon
Posted On Dec 03, 2020
Christmas shopping or looking for a good read yourself? Check out this list of the best books Crossing Pastor Keith Simon read in 2020.

An Update from Keith Simon: Why Christmas 2020 is Online

By Keith Simon
Posted On Nov 05, 2020
Christmas 2020 is online! COVID-19 has taken a lot from us this year, but Christmas with The Crossing is still happening.

5 Reasons It Might Be Time for You to Return to In-Person Worship

By Keith Simon
Posted On Oct 07, 2020
As you begin returning to more and more of your in-person activities throughout the week, we encourage you to make church one of them.

How To Stop Worrying So Much (Because We Know It’s Inevitable)

By Keith Simon
Posted On Aug 05, 2020
We often ask how to stop worrying, but we know that just "stopping" is easier said than done. Here are some ideas on how to fight worry.

10 Bible Verses Every Parent Needs to Know

By Keith Simon
Posted On Jun 14, 2020
The Bible gives parents perspective, encouragement, and so much more. Here are ten Bible verses that are good for parents to remember.