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You vs. The Universe: The Surprising Key to Living the Good Life

By Keith Simon
Posted On May 19, 2022
What to live a fulling and meaningful life? Read about why the key to the good life has little to do with success and more to do with sacrifice.

The Best Books I Read in 2021

By Keith Simon
Posted On Dec 07, 2021
Looking for a new book or some motivation to get back into reading over Christmas break? Check out Keith Simon's favorite reads from 2021.

4 Signs the Pandemic Took a Toll on Your Faith

By Keith Simon
Posted On Sep 02, 2021
The pandemic has taken a toll on our health, but what about our faith? Keith Simon shares 4 ways your spiritual health might have been affected by COVID-19.
woman climbing big stairs while a man climbs past her on easier stairs

What the Church Must Stop Doing to Women

By Keith Simon
Posted On Aug 05, 2021
When the roles of women in the church are influenced more by culture than what the Bible says, the way Jesus views women might surprise you.

Why You Aren’t Experiencing God (And How to Fix It)

By Keith Simon
Posted On May 13, 2021
Are you wondering why you aren't experiencing God? Keith Simon shares five reasons why and one simple step to shift your mindset.

One Step from Financial Catastrophe: The Difference a Fresh Start Makes

By Keith Simon
Posted On Apr 18, 2021
Wondering why The Crossing raised over $400,000 to pay off local utility debt? Sherri's story shows the power of a fresh start.