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We’re Going There: Podcast Episodes for Every Girl in Every Season


On Going There, we aren’t afraid to cover the hard, heavy topics because we want to meet you in whatever season of life you find yourself! Whether you’re feeling lost, overwhelmed, discouraged, or bored, Going There has an episode for you.

“So buckle up and don’t be shy, ‘cuz – yep! – we’re going there!”

Here’s a list of ten episodes for every girl in every season. Don’t see yourself on this list? Let us know on Instagram! We love to hear from listeners and bring you into the conversation.

1. For the Girl Who Feels Lost in Life 

🎧 Listen To → “Your Purpose Doesn’t Pause with Hope Reagan Harris”

If you are feeling stuck, like nothing in life ever seems to be going right or like you’re lost in this season, this one is for you! In this conversation we talk with Hope about how to move from these hard places into living with intention and joy, embracing God’s purpose for us all. 

2. For the Girls Who’s Navigating Hard Situations

🎧 Listen To → “Navigating Life with Wisdom and Tact”

It’s a hard thing to admit, but when someone offends me or disagrees with me, my first response isn’t always the most loving. If you can relate, make sure to take a listen! In this conversation, we dive into what the Bible has to say about using wisdom and tact in our words and actions. Then we explore how to translate these truths into real relationships and conversations. 

3. For the Girl Trying to Figure out Christian Parenting 

🎧 Listen To → “…What Should My Christian Parenting Look Like?” 

If you’re like us, you’ve run into some big questions while parenting, like: “What is my calling as a Christian Parent?” or “What are all the ‘right things’ I should do to not mess up my kids?”. But if we are going to follow the example of the best Father, we’ve got to follow in his footsteps and break down how this calling looks lived-out. In this conversation, we talk about what it looks like for imperfect parents (us) to mold and shape our littles for God’s ultimate glory.

4. For the Girl Who’s Totally Overwhelmed 

🎧 Listen To → “How Full is Your Plate?”

I think we can all agree that trying to balance all of life’s responsibilities, commitments, roles, and activities seems like an impossible task…and to be honest, I don’t think it is possible. …Let me re-phrase, I don’t think it’s supposed to be possible! We are finite people, serving an infinite God. So, join us in this conversation as we talk about how we can pick the “best” or “most important” things to pursue in wisdom and faith (with our limitations in mind!).

5. For the Girl Who Feels Like her Life is Boring 

🎧 Listen To → “Living Faithfully in the Mundane with Addison Hawkins”

Don’t we all want to live BIG lives, chase BIG dreams, and make a BIG impact? In reality, though, most of our days probably look like washing dishes, doing laundry, working our 9-5, or studying for a degree. In this episode, we get to talk with our friend Addison about his experience in learning to follow Jesus’s example of how to live faithfully in the mundane.

6. For the Girl Who Wants to Read Her Bible (but Doesn’t Know Where to Start…)

🎧 Listen To → “Why Reading God's Word is Worth It with Trillia Newbell”

If you are feeling frustrated time and time again by falling out of the rhythm of reading God’s word, this one is for you. We are told the effort is worth it, but does it really pay off? In this conversation, Trillia brings us a fresh perspective on reading God’s word, applying it to our every day and growing in the habit of recalling scripture to our mind in meditation and reflection.

7. For the Girl Who Feels Discouraged in Her Marriage 

🎧 Listen To → “New Marriage, Same Couple with Josh and Katie Walters”

Love can be all butterflies and rainbows. But, we can tell you firsthand, it’s often not! If you find yourself in a season of frustration or brokenness in your marriage, where you barely recognize the person you’re with anymore, listen here! We want to encourage you. Josh and Katie’s story is one of vulnerability, real emotions, and practical steps forward. So, whatever your relationship status, we all have something to learn and takeaway!

8. For the Girl Who is Sad in Singleness

🎧 Listen To → “…Desiring a Relationship while Single with Lauren Poey”

Whether you are single and ready to mingle, single and frustrated, single and content, or married and doing life along-side close single friends—we all want to know, “How do we do singleness well?”, “Does God really want the best for me?” Our friend, Lauren Poey, has walked this walk. With vulnerability, care, and hope, she shares her story and how you can apply what God has taught her to find joy (while also being honest about your heart’s desires for a relationship). 

9. For the Girl Who is Doubting Her Faith

🎧 Listen To → “…What Does It Mean to Deconstruct or Dechurch?”

These words and this topic may feel weighty and hard for us. But everyone is talking about it, and we don’t want to shy away! You may know people who are currently deconstructing their faith or are part of the now “dechurched” community. In this conversation we talk about what these terms mean today, how we can enter in these people’s lives with grace and understanding, and ultimately, how can we walk alongside them with humility and truth to expand God’s greater kingdom and mission.

10. For the Girl Who is Questioning Biblical Sexual Ethics

🎧 Listen To → “I’ve Locked Jesus Out of My Sexuality”

Maybe you’ve found yourself in some tense conversations about the Bible’s sexual ethic. Maybe you yourself are struggling with what the Bible says. Maybe you have a past that you’re ashamed of or feelings you’re confused about…whatever may be true for you, we want to go straight to the source of life, love, freedom, and joy. In this episode, we talk about God’s design for our flourishing and how, in his plan for creation, we can bring about good in our sexual desires. 

Explore more Going There episodes where we have real, vulnerable conversations about the messiness of life. And tune-in every Wednesday for new episodes!