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What to Expect When You Join a Small Group

By Ryan Wampler
Posted On Aug 03, 2023
Wondering what it looks like to be a part of a small group at The Crossing? Learn about what to expect when you join your first small group.

The Good Life: When Harvard Agrees with God

By Keith Simon
Posted On Jul 27, 2023
What happens when you accomplish your goals and are still unhappy? See why the proven key to happiness lines up with what the Bible teaches.

The Invitation I Didn’t Know I Needed

By Kelley Wampler
Posted On Jan 03, 2023
Is joining a small group worth the time and effort? Kelley Wampler shares why following Jesus is so much better when we do it together.

What Nike and the Christian Life have in Common

By Ryan Wampler
Posted On Dec 13, 2022
The Christian life is a race you weren't meant to run alone. Learn about where you can find the encouragement you need to finish the race.

Off the Bench and Into the Game: Don’t Miss How God’s Working

By Ryan Wampler
Posted On Aug 02, 2022
As you plan for the fall, take a look at the opportunities God is providing for you to step out of isolation and into community.