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How to Manage Unmet Desires

By Ryan Wampler
Posted On Jul 04, 2024
We all have desires that go unmet, but it’s still surprising and challenging to experience them. Learn some healthy ways to respond when what you long for isn't happening.

When Following Jesus Feels Like a Social Risk

By Christina Hedrick
Posted On Jun 27, 2024
It’s scary to stand out. But he reality is, following Jesus can feel like a social risk. It won’t always be received well.

A Race Well Run: Remembering Tim Keller

By Patrick Miller
Posted On May 23, 2023
Tim Keller has finished his race well. Read how his life and ministry continue to impact others and point people to Jesus.

How to Serve this Holiday Season

By Noelle Richter
Posted On Dec 07, 2022
How can you help bring light to the lonely and hurting in our community this year? Shelly Mayer shares some ways to consider expanding your holiday reach.

What’s Social Media Doing to Your Soul?

By Patrick Miller
Posted On Jul 14, 2022
Do you ever how the endless scrolling is affecting you? Patrick Miller shares why social media isn't all bad when you approach it with wisdom.

Between Two Identities: Lingering in Lament

By Lynn Roush, LPC
Posted On May 03, 2022
Being stuck in the process of identity formation comes with suffering and trials, but the result is a deeper and more solid faith in God.