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How’s the Reopening Really Going? 6 Quotes from Recent Attendees

After weeks of online-only services, The Crossing has officially reopened for in-person worship, albeit with a slightly different look and feel. We know what you’re probably thinking: How’s the reopening really going? Are my family and I ready to attend in-person services again?

In order to help you arrive at an answer to those questions, we thought it might be beneficial to hear firsthand from some of our recent attendees. Below you’ll find six quotes from several who were in attendance at our in-person worship services the last couple of weeks.

1. Lorelai and Dilynn Walters

2. Wendi Jensen

“My family and I had a wonderful time at worship last Sunday. We felt safe as everyone was wearing a mask: greeters, staff, church goers, etc. The donuts were individually wrapped (and even had frosting and sprinkles to the delight of my 9-year-old).

There was distance between us and the families around us. But most of all, there was a familiar feeling of being back together with our community of faith.  We loved being able to worship with our friends and family again.”

3. Velma Harvey

“Coming back to church on that first Sunday was like coming home. I didn’t realize how much I needed to worship with my community until I wasn’t able to attend service anymore. I’m thankful that God has allowed us to be together again. I missed my family.”

4. Sherrill Schlimpert

“I just want to say how great it was to actually SEE people that I may not have communicated with during the quarantine. They may not be in my inner tech circle BUT they are a blessing in my life and doing an air hug with them made me realize how much I missed the fellowship of Sunday morning.

We had to go to the overflow tent at 9:45 and loved it. There is just something about worshipping outside in creation with the rain ending and the sun coming out under the open sky that always brings me closer to God. And – the sermon on conflict was outstanding!”

5. Steve Brown

“When church was closed due to the coronavirus, I didn’t realize how much of a profound effect it would have on me. I was struck at how much I needed to be around the rest of the church. So, when I got to come for the first opening, it really moved me emotionally. My heart felt it.

I was so grateful that the staff and the other volunteers were able to accommodate the needs of the congregation and allow for masks, good sanitation, and social distancing. Most of all, [I was grateful for] the caring and loving attitude that I encountered amongst the fellow Christians at The Crossing. I hope we can continue to have our services in the age of COVID and I want to encourage everybody to keep coming.”

6. Sadie Frazier

“As far as public places go, The Crossing has felt like one of the safest spaces I’ve been in this summer. The overall respect of distancing and mask-wearing has made it easier to transition back into gathering as a church. It’s strange to see the auditorium/courtyard full of half-covered faces but because of that, we can responsibly and lovingly gather together to worship with our church family in person once again and I’m very grateful for that.”


Please note: It’s important to make a decision about attending in-person worship services based upon what feels safest and smartest for yourself and your family. The live stream will continue to be available every Sunday.

If you’d like more information regarding our in-person worship services and the extra safety precautions we’re taking, click or tap below.