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How To Read the Book of Daniel: Seeing Truth to Live Truth

By Patrick Miller
Posted On Sep 09, 2022
Reading the book of Daniel can seem overwhelming, but these questions will help you understand this unique genre and how it can apply to your life.

Four Beasts and Four Empires: Unlocking the Mysteries of Daniel

By Patrick Miller
Posted On Sep 08, 2022
The book of Daniel can seem confusing, but this guide to the four empires mentioned will help give you context and understanding as you read.

Lessons From the Dung Gate: Finding Your Place in God’s Story

By Patrick Miller
Posted On Aug 11, 2022
Being a part of the kingdom of God means serving those around us. How can you take the next step to serve and find your place in God's story this fall?

What’s Social Media Doing to Your Soul?

By Patrick Miller
Posted On Jul 14, 2022
Do you ever how the endless scrolling is affecting you? Patrick Miller shares why social media isn't all bad when you approach it with wisdom.

4 Ways to Not Waste Your Summer

By Patrick Miller
Posted On Jun 09, 2022
What are your plans this summer? Patrick Miller shares four specific ways to take advantage of your leisurely summer schedule by making a plan to grow in a new way.

Why The Crossing is Partnering with Woke Bridge

By Patrick Miller
Posted On Apr 20, 2022
The Crossing is partnering with Woke Bridge, a multi-ethnic church in Ferguson, Missouri. Learn about why and how to support their unique mission.