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Celebrate Jesus with your Family this Christmas

By Candace Stoll
Posted On Nov 28, 2023
Discover the true meaning of Christmas and how to celebrate Jesus with your family all year round. Find joy in worship and adoration, and learn how to keep the Christmas spirit alive beyond the holiday season.

What to Expect at Summer Nights

By Audrey Sharp
Posted On Aug 22, 2023
Don't miss Summer Nights at The Crossing! From food trucks to games to worship, find out what you can expect at this unique event.

3 Directions to Help You Navigate the Spiritual Desert

By Jeff Parrett
Posted On Jul 06, 2023
Going through a dry spell in your spiritual life? Crossing pastor Jeff Parrett shares three ways to help you through.

How Spiritual Disciplines Help You Follow Jesus

By Addison Hawkins
Posted On Jun 29, 2023
Want to be like Jesus? We need to train, or exercise, in our lives to become like him. We can’t just coast into Christlikeness, it takes intentionality.

5 Practices to Help You Glorify God

By Grady Frazier
Posted On Jun 15, 2023
How can you glorify God in every area of your life? Grady Frazier shares five ways to bring God into the conversation.

What is Christian Music?

By Rafael Nieves Rosario
Posted On May 30, 2023
Christian music is more than a mood or a genre. Read about how all types of music have the ability to draw us into worship.