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Receiving Winter...Hoping for Spring

By Grady Frazier
Posted On Feb 29, 2024
Explore the beauty and purpose of both winter and spring and discover how to embrace each season with gratitude and wonder.

A Training Program to Help You Pray Like Jesus

By Grady Frazier
Posted On Sep 28, 2023
Want to pray consistently but don't know where to start? Grady Frazier shares some simple steps to regular prayer using the Lord's Prayer as your guide.

5 Practices to Help You Glorify God

By Grady Frazier
Posted On Jun 15, 2023
How can you glorify God in every area of your life? Grady Frazier shares five ways to bring God into the conversation.

“I’m Alive. Therefore, I’m Loved”: 5 Practices to Cultivate Gratitude

By Grady Frazier
Posted On Nov 17, 2022
Cultivating gratitude isn't something you can do on your own. Come before God with a humble heart, see how you fit into his story, and give thanks!