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From Friends to Family: The Bible’s Vision for the Church

By Anna Lynne Frazier
Posted On May 16, 2024
This sibling dynamic is the paradigm God gives us for his church. So how do we move from friendship into familial relationships with other believers?

Inclusivity and Intimacy: A Tension in Christian Community

By Ryan Wampler
Posted On May 02, 2024
Explore the tension between inclusivity and intimacy in Christian communities. Learn how to grow deep friendships while welcoming new faces.

Open Your Eyes: Developing Deeper Relationships with Your Non-Christian Friends

By Debbie Beal
Posted On Apr 25, 2024
Learn how to grow intentional friendships with non-Christian and Christian friends by showing genuine care to those around you.

Real Christian Community (and the Surprising Role of Spiritual Failure)

By Keith Simon
Posted On Apr 18, 2024
Learn why failure - not success - is the foundation of an authentic Christian community.

Six Ways to Lose Friends and Repel People

By Patrick Miller
Posted On Apr 11, 2024
Have your friendships gotten too deep? Patrick Miller shares some simple ways to blow it all up and free your schedule from the shackles of friendship.

Introducing Placed for a Purpose: A Podcast to Keep Neighboring on Your Mind

By Chris and Elizabeth McKinney
Posted On Aug 24, 2023
God calls you to engage in his mission and love your neighbors- especially the ones next door! Learn how and why on the newest podcast from The Crossing.