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How’s Your Spiritual Health?

By Keith Simon
Posted On Jun 06, 2024
Take time to assess your spiritual health and discover new ways to follow Jesus.

We’re Going There: Podcast Episodes for Every Girl in Every Season

By Christian Neuenswander
Posted On Feb 22, 2024
Going There isn't afraid to tackle tough topics.! From loneliness to parenting to reading your Bible, find an episode that will meet you where you are!

Train in Godliness: A Spiritual Fitness Plan for 2024

By Patrick Miller
Posted On Jan 25, 2024
Take time in the new year to assess your spiritual fitness, and then make a plan. Patrick Miller shares how to grow in your walk with Jesus in 2024.

4 Methods to Help You Study the Bible

By Anna Lynne Frazier
Posted On Jan 11, 2024
Want to study the Bible? Anna Lynne Frazier shares helpful tips on how and where to start.

Introducing the 2024 TMBT Bible Reading Plan

By Patrick Miller
Posted On Jan 04, 2024
Discover the significance of the Writings of the Old Testament, and join TMBT as they teach through them in 2024.

Surprising Times to Pray (According to the Bible)

By Colleen Luley
Posted On Oct 31, 2023
Discover surprising times to pray according to the Bible. Explore how prayer can be a raw and honest conversation with God, even in times of anger, doubt, and suffering.