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Easter and a Better World: How the Resurrection Impacts Christians Today

By Keith Simon
Posted On Mar 26, 2023
Learn how Jesus's resurrection transforms the way you live in order to transform the world around you.

How to Prepare for Easter

By Anna Lynne Frazier
Posted On Mar 23, 2023
Easter provides a special opportunity to worship Jesus more fully than you might otherwise. Here are some meaningful ways to celebrate.

Bible Verses to Pray While Fasting

By Anna Lynne Frazier
Posted On Mar 21, 2023
Calm your heart and your body while you fast by spending time in focuses prayer on these Bible verses.

5 Children's Book to Tell a Bigger Story at Easter

By Kristin Jeffries
Posted On Mar 08, 2023
Take your family beyond bunnies and eggs this year with five Easter books that can help you focus on a bigger story.

What Tribalism is Doing to Your Brain (and How to Stop It)

By Austin Conner
Posted On Mar 08, 2023
These simple exercises can help you slow down and resist the physiological impact of tribalism.

Start Managing Your Relationships From With You in the Weeds

By Austin Conner
Posted On Mar 02, 2023
Have a relationship in your life that needs work? You're not alone! This new podcast series will help you manage the important relationships in your life.

Fear Not: 15 Bible Verses About Overcoming Fear

By Austin Conner
Posted On Mar 01, 2023
God says, "Do not fear," hundreds of times throughout the Bible. But what does that mean? Simply put, God wants us to come to him.