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What Tribalism is Doing to Your Brain (and How to Stop It)

By Austin Conner
Posted On Mar 08, 2023
These simple exercises can help you slow down and resist the physiological impact of tribalism.
surviving-baby long-what-our-culture-desperately-needs

Surviving Babylon: What Our Culture Desperately Needs

By Dave Cover
Posted On Nov 03, 2022
In a culture that feels more divided than ever, read about how can Christians thoughtfully engage with political issues with kindness and respect.

7 Ways to Turn the Temperature Down on Political Arguments

By Patrick Miller
Posted On Oct 27, 2022
It is easy to let personal politics get in the way of close, personal relationships. Here are 7 ways to leave arguments behind to preserve friendships.

Too Quick to Judge? How to Make the Church More Like Jesus

By Mark Brooks
Posted On Oct 20, 2022
It's easy to judge people who sin in ways we don't. Read about how the church can be more like Jesus by welcoming all people.

How to Build Unlikely Friendships

By Colleen Luley
Posted On Oct 13, 2022
Here are five steps you can take to resist the fear, get off the sideline, and build an unlikely friendship.

Why We Wrote a Book: Our Heart behind "Truth Over Tribe"

By Keith Simon
Posted On Oct 03, 2022
Read about why Crossing pastors Keith Simon and Patrick Miller want to share the story of The Crossing in their upcoming book.