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Virtual School Woes: Focusing Our Hope on God, Not Circumstances

By Elizabeth McKinney
Posted On Oct 05, 2020
It makes sense to feel angry about the losses around virtual school this fall. Fortunately, our hope is in God, not our circumstances.

The Cuties Controversy: What Netflix’s Show Reveals About Our Own Hearts

By Anna Lynne Frazier
Posted On Sep 23, 2020
What is the problem with Cuties? Should we all cancel Netflix? The controversy around Cuties should tell us something about ourselves.

Who Would Jesus Vote For?

By Patrick Miller
Posted On Sep 08, 2020
Who would Jesus vote for? Well, Jesus is a citizen of heaven (not America), so he wouldn't. How does Jesus as king impact us as we think about how to vote?

How To Stop Worrying So Much (Because We Know It’s Inevitable)

By Keith Simon
Posted On Aug 05, 2020
We often ask how to stop worrying, but we know that just "stopping" is easier said than done. Here are some ideas on how to fight worry.

7 Tips for Praying with Your Kids at Bedtime

By Nathan Tiemeyer
Posted On Jun 25, 2020
We probably all agree it’s a good idea, at least in theory, to pray with our kids at bedtime. But sometimes it can be hard to do. These tips should help!

“I am Not Patrick Mahomes”: Finding Purpose When No One’s Watching

By Henry Imler
Posted On Jun 23, 2020
Does anyone see my good works? Humans crave to know and be known by others. When our work happens behind the scenes, it's hard to feel like it matters.