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How to Maximize Fall 2021 (Now That The World's A Little More Normal)

By Anna Lynne Frazier
Posted On Sep 16, 2021
As things get back to normal, what are you looking forward to? Plan a fall full of intentional activities and take advantage of normal again!

4 Signs the Pandemic Took a Toll on Your Faith

By Keith Simon
Posted On Sep 02, 2021
The pandemic has taken a toll on our health, but what about our faith? Keith Simon shares 4 ways your spiritual health might have been affected by COVID-19.

How To Love Others When You Don’t Feel Like It

By Austin Conner
Posted On Mar 10, 2021
In relationships, we don't have to wait for our needs to be met first. Giving what we want to get is a way to love God and love others.

The Mysterious Benefit of Being In Person

By Ryan Wampler
Posted On Jan 25, 2021
We live in an irrevocably digital world. However, we miss something if our connections with other Christians are exclusively virtual.

What 2020 Has Taught Us

By Dave Cover
Posted On Dec 30, 2020
Ten months into the Age of Covid, Dave Cover reflects on the year and shares four things 2020 has taught us.

10 COVID-Friendly Ways to Celebrate Christmas 2020

By Rebecca Milner
Posted On Nov 26, 2020
Even though things might look different, COVID won't ruin Christmas! Check out these COVID-friendly ways to celebrate Christmas in 2020.