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Understanding the Power of Worship in Community

By Scott Johnson
Posted On Mar 03, 2022
God designed church and worship as communal acts, not individual. Scott Johnson shares the importance of worshiping together on Sunday mornings.

The Best Albums I Heard in 2021

By David A. Cover
Posted On Dec 12, 2021
Looking for some last minute Christmas gifts? Or maybe you just need a break from Christmas music? David Cover shares his top albums from 2021.
J.S. Bach's signature

Three Letters That Will Change Your Life

By Jeff Parrett
Posted On Jul 01, 2021
Johann Sebastian Bach ended all his sheet music with three letters: SDG. These three letters have the potential to change your everyday life.

The Best Albums I Heard in 2020

By David A. Cover
Posted On Dec 08, 2020
What music has gotten you through 2020? Are you looking for some new albums for yourself or for Christmas gifts? Check out David Cover's best albums of 2020.