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The Art of Waiting: Lessons from City of Refuge

By Debbie Beal
Posted On Dec 15, 2023
Learn valuable lessons about waiting from the City of Refuge and the experiences of refugees. Discover how to wait well, embrace change, and find community in seasons of waiting.

Consider the Darkness, Long for the Light

By Austin Conner
Posted On Dec 14, 2023
Explore the darkness and light of the Advent season in this thought-provoking blog. Discover how to find hope and support in challenging times.

4 Steps for Loving Your Neighbors During the Holidays

By Elizabeth McKinney
Posted On Nov 24, 2023
Slowing down during the holidays can feel impossible. Read why the season of Advent can help us to slow down and bring flourishing to our neighborhoods.

Advent: What it Means and Why it Matters

By Jeff Parrett
Posted On Nov 23, 2023
Explore the true meaning of Advent and why it matters. Read about the significance of Advent and how it can deepen your relationship with God.

10 Things to Do in (and Around) Columbia, Missouri at Christmas

By Molly Cover
Posted On Nov 22, 2023
Looking for ways to celebrate Christmas this year? Check out this list of favorite Christmas things to do in and around Columbia, Missouri this season.

How to Live Simply (And Resist Consumerism) this Christmas

By Patrick Miller
Posted On Dec 15, 2022
Simplifying your life isn't just good for your budget, it's good for your heart. Read why resisting consumerism can change the way you experience Christmas.