What does Jesus have to do with my life? 

Let's be honest... It can be tough to relate to the people and problems we read about in the Bible, particularly in the stories about Jesus in the Gospels.

Enter: “The Chosen.”  This multi-season TV show brings the story of Jesus to life. It shows the people he cared about, the problems he faced, and the message he came to earth to give us in a new and compelling way.

This discussion guide for season one of "The Chosen" is designed to help take the truths about God revealed in his word (and through this TV show) even further.

Here's how it works:

Watch “The Chosen” with your small group, your family, or a group of friends. Then use your discussion guide to have meaningful conversations covering what you learn about Jesus in each episode.

Inside your guide, you’ll find:

  • Instructions on how to watch "The Chosen” and make the most of the guide
  • Discussion questions about significant characters, scenes, and quotes from each episode
  • Background information to provide more historical and cultural context
  • Additional activities and memory verses to do throughout the week

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