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What guides the rhythm of your life?

Netflix or New Creation? Social Media or Scripture? Screens or Prayer?

A beautiful life doesn't happen by accident. The Spirit offers a tempo that is holy and wise and full of life. Rhythmic prayers, rooted in psalms and ancient wisdom, have kept the church in step with God's Spirit for centuries.

The tragedy is we've forgotten the rhythm. Instead of beautiful order, we have anxious chaos. But it doesn't have to be this way. Rhythm: A Twice-Daily Prayer Podcast uses the rhythm of prayer to reconnect you to the Spirit of Jesus.

When you sign up for Rhythm's weekly emails, you'll receive additional tools to help you embrace the rhythm of ancient prayer.

You can expect:

  • An overview of the scripture covered each week.
  • Tips for how to share and discuss Rhythm with your community.
  • Reflection questions to continue your time with the Spirit beyond the podcast.
  • Articles from the creators of Rhythm about prayer. 
  • And more!
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