Do you wish Revelation made more sense?

Most Christians find the idea of reading Revelation interesting. The actual process can be… daunting. Dragons. Plagues. Cataclysm. Angelic wars. Armageddon. Judgment. Tribulation. Salvation. New Creation.

But Revelation wasn’t written to confuse us. It was written to make us resilient, courageous, and committed to King Jesus’s cause. In this past online Bible study, Pastors Keith Simon and Patrick Miller sought to reclaim Revelation’s message for everyday people.

In these studies, you'll learn more about:

  • Is Revelation literal?
  • The Scroll, the seven seals and the seven trumpets
  • The dragon, the beasts, and the witnesses
  • Seven bowls and the fall of Babylon
  • The final judgment and millennium
  • Disembodied heaven or renewed earth?
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