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Do you need help managing your emotions?

Emotions are a powerful force in your life and can quickly become a source of distress or frustration that you may not know how to handle. But emotions are like signals on a dashboard that contain important information that you should not ignore.

Understanding your God-given emotions allows for deeper connection in relationships and cultivates the maturity and wisdom you need to effectively navigate through life’s difficulties.

Crossing Counseling has created a resource based on the Managing Your Emotions series from our With You in the Weeds podcast to jumpstart your emotional growth. These user-friendly PDF’s offer key descriptors of the most common emotions you experience: Anxiety, Depression, Sadness, Grief, Anger, Shame and Guilt.

This guide to Managing Your Emotions will help you:

  1. Know the neuroscience behind your emotions
  2. See the benefit of emotional intelligence
  3. Understand the roots beneath intense negative emotions
  4. Connect your spiritual growth with your emotional growth
  5. Give practical steps to managing your emotions   

BONUS: This resource contains a Feeling Word Sheet that can be printed off for everyday use in your daily life, handy for journaling, improving interpersonal communication or teaching your kids how to label their feelings.