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Feeling Cynical During the Holidays? What You’re Getting Wrong About Christmas

By Patrick Miller
Posted On Nov 26, 2020
If Christmas is just a family holiday, it’s a sham. No wonder you're cynical. But if that's your view of Christmas, you may have it all wrong.

10 COVID-Friendly Ways to Celebrate Christmas 2020

By Rebecca Milner
Posted On Nov 26, 2020
Even though things might look different, COVID won't ruin Christmas! Check out these COVID-friendly ways to celebrate Christmas in 2020.

How To Experience Peace This Christmas

By Rachel Tiemeyer
Posted On Nov 22, 2020
Is peace even an option this Christmas? Can 2020 actually be life-giving? Jesus came to bring peace, so the answer is Yes. Here's how!

How to Serve Others this Holiday Season (Even in a Global Pandemic)

By Michele Mayer
Posted On Nov 08, 2020
Many of us are looking for ways to share the Christmas spirit by serving others. Here are some practical ways to serve this holiday season.

An Update from Keith Simon: Why Christmas 2020 is Online

By Keith Simon
Posted On Nov 05, 2020
Christmas 2020 is online! COVID-19 has taken a lot from us this year, but Christmas with The Crossing is still happening.

How to Celebrate Advent: 3 Practical Tips for Your Family

By Emily Pilkington
Posted On Nov 05, 2020
Holiday seasons can be daunting for parents. We often feel pressure to provide memorable experiences that bring family members together.