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Is The Crossing Too Political?

By Patrick Miller
Posted On Apr 28, 2021
Jesus is king over everything in this world. So what should Christians and churches do when everything in this world becomes political?

Are Your Feelings Lying To You? How To Uncover The Truth About God

By Patrick Miller
Posted On Apr 22, 2021
Do you want your deep-down, heart-level view of God to align with your mind’s view of God? A practice of prayer can help make that change.

5 Ways Christians Should Make Communities Better

By Patrick Miller
Posted On Apr 17, 2021
Christians should be so heavenly-minded that they bring God's love, justice, and mercy down to bless their local communities. Here's how.

How to Experience God’s Presence this Easter

By Patrick Miller
Posted On Apr 01, 2021
Do you want to experience God in a unique way this year? Easter may be right around the corner, but it’s not too late to prepare.

A Response to “Roses and Racism”: Recent Controversy around The Bachelor

By Patrick Miller
Posted On Mar 04, 2021
One reader responded to a recent post about The Bachelor about the recent racial controversy. See her dialogue with the author here.

Roses and Racism: What The Bachelor Reveals About Cancel Culture

By Patrick Miller
Posted On Mar 01, 2021
How should Christians respond to the recent Bachelor Controversy involving a contestant's photos at an "Old South" party?